Axon Prison Services

Axon Prison Services provides rapidly advancing, world-class technologies to promote officer safety, offender safety, and public safety across the Corrections spectrum, directly supporting prisons, probation and parole, and juvenile justice.

Protecting Life and Safety for All

Prison Services Products

Made for Prison Services

The most effective TASER CED to date, TASER 7 provides correctional officers with an unparalleled de-escalation and safety tool optimized for close-range encounters

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For use during cell extractions or altercations, the X2 warning arc helps stop conflicts from escalating while a backup shot ensures your officers’ backs are covered

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Axon Body 3

With real-time connectivity, superior audio and video quality, and communication tools built in, your staff are never alone if a dangerous situation arises

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Axon Body 2

Easy-to-use and rugged, this camera captures full shift HD video and advanced audio

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