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Joining forces to combat Covid-19

In these challenging times we know your force is working incredibly hard in the face of an invisible enemy to keep people safe and make sure social distancing is successful. We salute your teams protecting us all and recognise that we must help protect them too: we’ve published advice on preventing cross-contamination through the cleansing and management of shared equipment and the steps we’ve taken to protect our teams and supply chain operations.

But in the quest to help safeguard your people, and in the light of government advice to work at home, travel only when it’s absolutely essential, and to ensure social-distancing rules are followed at all times, policing will change for the foreseeable future. This is exactly why we remain open. With our mission to Protect Life with hardware and software designed to modernise public safety we’re in this together and working to support the officers putting their lives on the line to help others. We’ve looked at how we can help you adjust to the new policing reality and protect the lives of officers as they work in an increasingly challenging environment.  

We focused on one question: If social distancing is the best method of defeating the virus, what can we do for those who are out there every day on the front lines? The answer was found in how officers gather evidence, which is a daily occurrence that typically involves one-to-one interaction with people. So, through Axon AID, our emergency response team that assists first responders, we are providing access to two key Axon products to automate this process: 

  • Axon Citizen for Officers: Your officers can use Axon Evidence or the mobile app to create and send a personalised link via SMS or email where people can upload evidence. For example, if someone has been a victim of a burglary they can easily upload details, images and videos to Axon Evidence. Officers can then follow up by phone and investigations begin.
  • Axon Citizen for Communities: With Citizen for Communities, you can easily create a public-facing evidence submission portal. Here the public can submit evidence during both large-scale and smaller, day-to-day events – again without the need for direct interaction with your officers. 

All evidence is automatically uploaded to Axon Evidence. Our cloud-based digital evidence management solution is purpose-built to easily create case files and catalogue, manage and secure all types of evidence. Critically, your teams can minimise contact by remotely viewing and collaborating on cases via using Axon Evidence and electronically sharing evidence without needing to create and handle DVDs, or meeting people This will limit the opportunities for the virus to spread and prevent cross-contamination.

If you have any questions about this offer please view the FAQ.


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Axon customers: You already have access to the full feature set of Axon Citizen. Setup instructions and video tutorials are available on our Citizen Resources page.

New to Axon: Please leave your details and a member of the Axon team will be in touch to set up your access.


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